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Hello and thank you for stopping by Orchid Travel, i have decided to make my profile a little bit different than normal

So lets get started, tell us first what your name is and how old you are:  My Name is Nicolai and im 35 years old.

When did you start with aviation:

My interest started when i was just a young kid, and when the caravelle was still a part of every day life, and so with the DC-10 and 747-100 at the airport, i grew up in a town about  40 km south of Copenhagen, since then i moved to south africa to stay with my wife, and still loving my interest in aviation just as much, Living close to O.R Tambo International airport, i got the planes almost in my back yard..

So how long have you been in the virtual aviation business and when did  you end up where you are today..

Im a veteran in the industri, i have been in the virtual world for almost 29 years, i started my first virtual airline Scandinavian airlines with close friends in 1999, sold it off after good records showed, been in Thai Virtual also as a Ceo, Jet Eu as an COO, finally i went on my own and started Crystal Airways took it further to Crystal Sky Cruises, after being there for almost 2 years i decided to go solo, and i started up my own virtual airline, at first it was called Orchid Airways, But was renamed recently to Orchid Travel, and this is where we are today.. 

Your Decision on what aircrafts to have in your fleet, how did you select what types to fly with.

I have selected the current fleet of both new and very modern and classic older aircrafts due to the nature of what is favorites in my world, my Personal favorite is the DC-10/MD-11 and the MD-80's..

We currently operate quite a modern fleet of long range aircrafts, with long range it's understood an aircraft than can fly longer than 4 1/2 hours, our shortest flight at the moment is from Johannesburg to Durban, which is just under an hour, the current longest flight we operate is from Johannesburg to Los Angeles via Houston Texas, the reason why we operate via houston is our connection 2 of the major carriers of United States, we operate to many destinations in Europe, Asia, South America, Middle East and Australia/New Zealand..

We are currently awaiting deliveries of brand new airbuses, currently on order is 35 A330-900Neo, and 800Neo (New engine option), we are also awaiting 4 Airbus A340-500, our focus is on the longer routes with less fuel burn, we also have 747's in the fleet, wich one will leave by the end of year to be converted into a Cargo plane...


Why did you not become a pilot?

I have been ever since i was 6 years old, i took my medical test but sadly failed it due to reasons that i will not say in public, it was my meaning to get my PPL (Private Pilots License) but when i failed the medical i decided to pursue my pilot dreams virtually instead.

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